Friday 17th and Saturday 18th January 2020

16:30 – 21:00

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Created by a collaboration of artists, designers, technologists and professional lighting specialists. Produced by Vortex Events and WGC Bid, with support from the School of Creative Arts University of Hertfordshire, local arts and music groups, schools, colleges, and youth groups. It will comprise of  original interactive light art installations which will form an intuitive trail set amongst the town centre’s unique and iconic landscape.


Time Location


Friday 17/01 4.30-4.40 Bandstand Monks Walk School Choir
4.45-5.00 Bandstand Take the Stairs
5.00-5.45 Starbucks Balcony Doraly Gill (cello) with Tim Gill (piano)
5.10 – 5.40 Bandstand LAR Children’s choir


5.50-6.20 Bandstand Every-voice Community Choir
6.00 Starbucks Balcony Opening of the festival and WGC100 anniversary year by Peter Waine chairman of the Welwyn Garden City Centenary Foundation
6.10 Front of Howard’s Centre Lantern Parade
6.15 Starbucks Balcony Welwyn Garden City Music Society Orchestra – winds ensemble
6.30 VIP tent – Jubilee gardens VIP reception – invitation only
6.30-7.00 Bandstand Misty Five
7.10-7.40 Bandstand Welwyn Harmony
7.15 -8.00 Starbucks Balcony Welwyn Garden City Music Society Orchestra – strings ensemble
Friday 17/1 8.00-8.20 Bandstand The Rebelles
8.15-9.00 Starbucks Balcony Da Capo Brass
8.30-9.00 Bandstand Total Recall
Saturday 18/1 4.30-5.00 Bandstand Felici Opera (Zoe Jasko and Margaret Johnson)
5.00-5.45 Starbucks Balcony Mid-Herts Centre of Music ensembles
5.10-5.40 Bandstand Hatfield Welwyn Community Choir
5.50-6.20 Bandstand Simon Cragg
6.00 Front of Howard’s Centre Lantern parade
6.00-6.45 Starbucks Balcony Susuki Violinists
6.30-8.00 VIP Tent Jubilee Gardens VIP reception – invitation only
6.30-6.45 Bandstand Singers at the Barn –   Ben Giles
6.45-7.05 Bandstand Singers at the Barn – Alison Danbury – Lee
7.00-7.45 Starbucks Balcony Classical Piano – Edgar Jasko youth pianist
7.05-7.25 Bandstand Singers at the Barn – Michelle and Eric Williams
7.25-7.40 Bandstand Singers at the Barn – Colin Campbell
7.50-8.20 Bandstand The Mynd Set
8.00-8.45 Starbucks Balcony Welwyn Garden City Brass Band (ensemble)
8.30-9.00 Bandstand The Kopy Katz


1. Tarmac
Centenary Gardens
and Bandstand

The town’s majestic worked-metal bandstand, which was a gift from Homes England to the town for the 75th Anniversary, will be washed with gently changing colours, drawing attention to its beauty, while local bands will play uplifting music.

  Design: LAPD / Vortex Events 

Partners: Tarmac, WGC Performing Arts Group


2. Tarmac VIP Tent / Food and Drink area

Whether it’s hot chocolate, Mulled wine, Belgium waffles or roasted chestnuts.

There is something for everyone in the Sweet food area.

Get the VIP treatment with a glass of bubbles at the centenary tent.

  Design: Vortex Events 

Partners: Tarmac, WGC Performing Arts Group

3. Home Instead
Whimsical Garden

Be at one with the Garden City landscape in this interactive frame and let the magic happen…

Design: Carla Piatti, Vortex Events

Partners: Home Instead

4. Wonderful welwyn

These elegantly illuminated arches will stand proud, breathing life into our Wonderful Welwyn Garden City. Located at the centre of Howardsgate, celebrating the great perspective of the town’s central avenue and its symmetrical design.

Design: Geoffrey Bean, Vortex Events

Partners: AL Marketing, WGC BID

5. Magical Fountain

Welwyn Garden City’s iconic coronation fountain, constructed in 1953 to mark the
coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Multiple jets lit up in winter colours will magically dance the night away.

Designed by: Vortex Events, Entertainment Effects

Partners: T.J. Fire & Security

6. Time to Reflect

It’s our 100th year, lets take the time to stop and reflect about the past. Then look up to a brighter future…

Designed by: Vortex Events

Partners: WGC BID

7. Kinetic Bike Race

The Howard Centre front entrance will play host to an innovative cycle race to promote the town’s healthy living credentials. Two teams will play against each other
in a light race over Howardsgate.

Design: Vortex Events

Partners: Kinetic Cycles, The Howard Centre

8. WGC 100

Welwyn Garden City is 100 years old and we’re welcoming the next exciting century with this giant sculpture, painted with light. 

  Design: Vortex Events

Partners: The Howard Centre

9. Kinder Light Play

Using a variety of different ultra violet materials children will have the opportunity to get crafty create their own visual artworks.

This installation will be open to children aged 3 – 10 years old (must be accompanied by a guardian at all times)

  Design: Vortex Events 

Partners: The Howard Centre


Lantern Parades

7 local schools have created large sculptural lanterns out of recycled materials,
as well as traditional willow and tissue paper.

  Design: Route Canal Arts  

Partners: Hertfordshire County Council, Welwyn Garden City Schools

Musical Howard Centre

Talented local musicians perform from this grand balcony, washing Howardsgate with an uplighting array of music and light.

  Design: Zoe jasko, Vortex Events 

Partners: The Howard Centre